Menu Restaurante Hotel

Hot soup of the day 
Cold soup of the day) 

Buffet of salads 
The pasta of the day 

Grilled prawns (with or without Garlic) 
Fisherman’s catch of the day (with or without Garlic) 
Beef Filet Steak 
Grilled breast of chicken 
Grilled fillet of lamb 
Roast of the day 
Your choice of sauces:

Green pepper, Béarnaise, Hollandaise, Barbecue, Butter with fine herbs 

Our side Dishes:

Seasonal Vegetables, Baking Potatoes, French fries or Tumbet 


(*) Vegetarian dish



Gourmet selection of our Chef

Almond cream soup 
Cannelloni filled with spinach and Mahonés cheese 
Grilled seabass on a bed of Lyonnaise style potatoes 

This Gourmet menu is included in your meal plan

Almond cake Majorcan style 
Pudding with ensaimadas 
Flaky pastry with custard cream and fruit 
Raspberry cheese cake 
Eclairs with cream 
Sacher Tart 
Crepe with jam of milk 
Ice cream (Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Creme Fraiche, Hazelnut, Rum and Raisins, Stracciatella, Vanilla (for diabetics) 
Sorbets (Lemon, Raspberry, Apple 
Mousse (Chocolate, Strawberry) 
Fresh seasonal fruit 
Our Cheeseselection 


Son Bordils (Chardonnay, White) 12,5 €
Siglo Saco (Crianza Red) 9,5 €
Macia Batle (Rosé) 9 €


Chef: Jesús Egea

Maïtre: Ramón Agustín


These items may contain allergens.

Further information with our personnel.