The Bonsol has always been very conscious with the environment and done everything possible to avoid or minimize any damage that the activity of the hotel may cause to it.

We already installed in 1968 the first solar panels in Mallorca. They still contribute to the heating of the pool in the winter and the hot water in the summer. The main production of heat for these two important consumers of energy is the use of reject heat from the kitchen refrigerators and the air conditioning of the hotel. 

To compensate the inevitable emissions of CO2 that cause the global warming, we have planted 220.000 trees on 250 Ha. land in Costa Rica.

We recycle virtually every recyclable product: glass, paper/cardboard, tins and containers, organic and plastic bottles. The non recyclable is collected by the local council and sent to the incinerating station to produce electricity.

You can read our environmental declaration on our website

If you wish to contribute helping the environment you can:

Safe water

Use the air conditioning/heating with respect for the environment and remember to turn it off when opening the windows.

We recommend to set the thermostat to following temperatures :

Summer : 24ºC – 26ºC // Winter :    19ºC – 21ºC

In your room, use the paper basket in the bedroom for paper, bottles and tins. Use the bin in the bathroom for organic and non recyclable

Should you need to use hypodermic needles please ask for a box at the reception desk

Leave used batteries at the reception desk. We will recycle for you. 

Use bath and beach towels more than one day. 

If you wish the towels to be replaced, please leave them in the bath shower/tub.

We will be very pleased to welcome any new ideas how to help nature.Also, do not forget that animals are part of nature and as living beings, we must encourage their protection